Intel Committee Chair: ‘No Evidence’ Of Collusion Between Trump Campaign And Russians

Alex Pfeiffer | White House Correspondent

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes said Sunday that there is “no evidence” of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the presidential campaign.

Nunes’ committee is investigating alleged Russian interference in the presidential election, as well as leaks from the intelligence community. The California Republican told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that the only crime there is evidence for is the leaking of the names of Americans who were caught up in surveillance, such as former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Nunes maintained that he has yet to see evidence of collusion between “Trump world” and the Russian government. His committee is holding its first hearing on the matter on Monday.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman seemed to tell Wallace that there is an investigation or surveillance currently being conducted on a member of the White House.

“If you look at the folks who are working at the White House today that are involved in the Trump administration, I don’t think there is any but one there that is under any type of investigation or surveillance activities at all,” Nunes said.  A spokesman for Nunes told TheDC the congressman didn’t mean to say this.

“It’s a bit garbled in the video but he didn’t mean to say there is one person under surveillance, he’s saying there is no one under surveillance, which is why he says ‘at all’ at the end of the sentence,” the spokesman said.


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