Ga GOP Candidate’s Entire Staff Quits Over Payment Problems

The Georgia special election to replace former Rep. Tom Price could have one less Republican, according to a Monday report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Tea Party activist Amy Kremer’s entire campaign staff resigned Friday after Kremer told them she hadn’t raised enough to pay their salaries. Kremer then changed all of the locks to her residence, which also happened to be the campaign’s office.

Former staffer Jack Melton was forced to call the police on the candidate in order to get his personal possessions from Kremer’s home.

Kremer asserts that the large-scale shift is due to questionable campaign practices from her former staffers and that she asked for their resignations.

Melton took “unauthorized liberties and conducted business in ways that Amy was not comfortable with,” according to the official release, forcing the candidate to take “appropriate security measures after parting ways.”

Staffers reveal a much different picture. Kremer refused to meet with a fundraising consultant after only raising $2,500 so far during the course of the campaign. The campaign dug itself a hole, spending $22,000 in unpaid wages and other expenses.

“We kept getting pushback and no pay. And we finally said we can’t do this anymore. We would submit an invoice but there was just no money being raised or had. We did everything we could,” Melton said. “We’ve just got move on from it.”

Other lower-level staffers stayed in Kremer’s residence during the campaign, and were surprised to learn they were locked out of the house without notice, prompting Melton to call the police.

“I’m not going to let them do this to us,” staffer Cooper Mohr said about the issue.

The Georgia special election is Kremer’s first official election, but she created the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots in 2009. She also served as the director of the Tea Party Express political action committee.

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