Trump: ‘Everyone Knows’ Accusations I Colluded With Russia Are ‘Fake News’

Donald Trump said accusations that he has ties to the Russian government is “fake news” put forth by the Democratic Party to distract from the “terrible campaign” Hillary Clinton ran.

(Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

On Twitter Monday, the president denied claims that he colluded with Russia just hours before FBI Director James Comey is supposed to testify before Congress on the country’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

“James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!” he tweeted early Monday morning. “The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. Big advantage in Electoral College & lost!”

“The real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of Classified information. Must find leaker now!”

House and Senate intelligence committees are currently investigating alleged ties between the Russian government and his campaign.

After a CNN poll showed that a majority of American said they support creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for several years, have a job, speak English and are willing to pay back taxes, Trump said they are “way off.”

“Just heard Fake News CNN is doing polls again despite the fact that their election polls were a WAY OFF disaster. Much higher ratings at Fox.”