‘Never Trump’ Candidate Unable To Pay Off Massive Campaign Debt

Evan McMullin, the former CIA officer who ran for president last year, still owes $670,000 to campaign vendors, a staggering sum for someone who received just over 730,000 votes in November.

With around $10,000 cash on hand, the McMullin campaign’s vendors have little hope of being paid.

“From what I know, they do not have any capability or plans to pay all the vendors they still owe money,” Tanner Leatham, the owner of Gathering Inc., a Utah based consulting firm, told The Salt Lake Tribune.

“They have told me they cannot pay us what they owe,” he added.

The $670,000 is owed to seven different companies, the campaign’s latest Federal Election Commission filing shows. Gathering Inc. is owed just over $10,000. A Florida-based law firm is owed more than $500,000.

As the Tribune notes, a failure on McMullin’s part to settle his debts could hamper any future political hopes. McMullin, who ran as an anti-Trump candidate and was backed by Republican strategist Rick Wilson and neoconservative publisher Bill Kristol, is reportedly considering running for a House seat in Utah or to replace¬†Sen. Orrin Hatch.

McMullin’s campaign manager says an effort is being made to pay the vendors.

“Responding to a unique moment, we ran a campaign on a short time frame and without traditional party support,” Joel Searby told The Tribune in a statement.

“We’re proud of what we did, running a lean operation and relying on mainly small individual donors, but ultimately fell short of fundraising goals.¬†We are working hard to do what we can within the law to retire as much debt as possible.”

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