Trump Supporters Vow To Rally In Berkeley Without Ann Coulter

Kyle Chapman, better known by the internet as “Based Stickman,” has vowed to stage a large demonstration at UC Berkeley campus Thursday, in spite of Ann Coulter canceling her planned speech due to terroristic threats from left-wing groups.

Chapman became an overnight sensation in March after a video emerged of him smacking a a left-wing antifa (“anti-fascist”) rioter with a stick during a violent melee at UC Berkeley. Since then he has been a central organizer of the right-wing resistance to antifa and the Berkeley establishment itself. 

He now claims to lead an army of street activists willing to push back against anti-speech tyranny, which means we could see hundreds clash in the streets tomorrow with or without an Ann Coulter appearance.

When I arrived at his Bay Area Friday morning home Chapman was obviously upset, “Dude, did you hear Ann Coulter’s event got canceled?” Sure enough, despite vowing to fight UC Berkeley’s cancellation through litigation, Coulter was left alone undefended when the conservative student group, Young America’s Foundation, backed out of the event due to pressure from left-wing activists and the city government of Berkeley.

Without the group’s support, Coulter could be left without indoor space or security for her speech.

Chapman still holds out hope that Ann Coulter could make an appearance. “We can protect her,” he said.

Before the start of our previously scheduled interview Chapman was negotiating with Coulter through Gavin McInnes, conservative commentator and host of “The Gavin McInnes Show.” McInnes himself runs the Proud Boys, a pro-Western Civilization fraternity, which boasts thousands of members and famously showed up to counter-protest antifa rioters at the last Battle of Berkeley on April 15.

When I asked McInnes if the Proud Boys would be rallying tomorrow he said, “Yes dude. We are full on IN.”

Coulter herself expressed sadness about her speech being canceled at Berkeley, famously regarded as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, “It’s sickening when a radical thuggish institution like Berkeley can so easily snuff out the cherished American right to free speech.”

But Chapman says his group still has volunteers arriving from all over the country, “even as far away as Hawaii” and that they will be ready for counter-protests by antifa groups like Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin-supported BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Chapman promised that Trump supporters will have their voices heard.

“If she does not show we will have our own speech. We are going to show up and the rally will go on in some form or fashion and we will be victorious.”

Both Gavin McInnes and Kyle Chapman will be attending the rally and it will be located at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park, 2 pm local time.


Jason Kessler is a journalist and president of the nonprofit Unity and Security for America. Follow him on Twitter and Gab: @TheMadDimension.