Joss Whedon’s Message For Mother’s Day: I’m Glad My Mom Is Dead, Because Trump

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Out of all the celebrities who’ve had nervous breakdowns since Nov. 8, 2016, nobody’s breakdown has been more nervous than Joss Whedon’s. Baldy the Vodka Slayer has really lost it. The writer/director of The Avengers has fantasized about Paul Ryan being raped by a rhino, blamed Trump for Chechnya being a Muslim republic, and managed to insult teenage cancer survivors. Whedon has never been a particularly pleasant man, but since the election, he’s turned into a real piece of crap.

But if you think he’s hit bottom, he’s just getting started digging. Here was his Mother’s Day message yesterday:

Imagine hating someone so much that it makes you glad your mom is dead. And then imagine bragging about it in public.

Can’t wait for that Batgirl movie, Joss. How entertaining and enjoyable it will certainly be.

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