You Know, A Magnetic Knife Strip Seems Does Seem Like A Good Idea

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Call me old fashioned, but I keep my knives in a knife block. But after seeing this deal, I might make the switch to a magnetic knife strip.

First of all, this product is very, very popular. Check this out:

Amazon screenshot

Amazon screenshot

Over 700 customers reviewed this, and it has an aggregate rating of 4.8 stars. It is the single most popular magnetic knife strip. And all of this doesn’t even count the fact that it is currently 43 percent off.

Normally $30, this magnetic knife bar is 43 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $30, this magnetic knife bar is 43 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar on sale for $16.95

Knife blocks take up a ton of counter space, so I could absolutely see how this would be useful. The description for this also notes that traditional blocks “can hide mold and germs, and are difficult to clean.” No argument there. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned any knife block I’ve owned.

The reviewers of this really do make a convincing argument.

The top reviewer gets right to the point:

After years of using a knife block, we decided to free up some counter space and install this magnetic strip for our knives. It was easy to install. The magnet is very strong. And we have extra space on our kitchen counter. Win, win, win.

Another writes a review titled, “Great Alternative to Bulky Knife Block”:

**Independent, verified, non-compensated review.**

I thought I’d review this for those who don’t want to install directly into your wall. As I was looking for a magnetic bar for my knives I really didn’t think that 3M Velcro strips would hold it up very well but they do! Only had to use two of the heavy duty ones and it’s remarkable how stable it is – even against the smooth glass on my backsplash. I’ve had several different sizes of cutlery, scissors, tweezers, a huge butcher’s knife, and even car keys on this thing and it hasn’t wiggles. I ended up buying three more for use in bathrooms and the garage. I love them!

It is exactly the dimensions listed in the description, and as some reviews noted, the magnet is incredibly strong! I get compliments from everyone who sees it, so I’d highly recommend this product for your home.

And how about Philip who “cannot imagine a better product of this kind!”:

This is one terrific magnetic rack! It is beautiful and works superbly. I mounted this very simply by removing the the mounting strip, then allowing the rack to attach magnetically to the side of my refrigerator. This left it a bit too free to slide in the plane of the refrigerator, so I added several pieces of industrial-strength double sticky tape. The result was very stable and able to support a great many knives, some of them hefty. So I ordered a second magnetic strip.

There are hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of more reviews just like those. After scrolling through them, you may very well count yourself among the converted. Also, they raise a good point that it is quite multifunctional. For example, they can hang up your tools and declutter your workspace.

It can also support tools! (Photo via Amazon)

It can also support tools! (Photo via Amazon)

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