Minister: The Best Response To Tulsa Verdict Is Anger, Drunkenness, Cursing

Amber Randall | Civil Rights Reporter

Christians should respond to the Tulsa verdict with fury, not forgiveness, an Oklahoma minister suggested in a Thursday op-ed.

Lawrence Ware, writing for Very Smart Brothas, proposed ten different ways that Christians should respond to a jury clearing Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby of first degree manslaughter charges this week in the shooting of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man.

Drawing from a loose interpretation of the Bible, Ware urges Christians to show drunkenness, rage, cursing and fighting instead of forgiveness.

“Some even said that this is a unique opportunity to forgive Shelby, and, thereby, show the love of Jesus Christ. Many of them went so far as to ask what would Jesus do when faced with these circumstances. Their assumption is that Jesus would calmly be comfortable with injustice. I disagree,” Ware wrote.

Ware claims that Christians should drink alcohol in light of Shelby’s release, because Jesus had a tendency to turn water into wine.

“Because, after all Jesus did turn water into wine in John 2: 1-11. I need some spirits to soothe my soul—and I’m not talking about any holy ones,” Ware writes.

Or Christians could riot, Ware suggests, because Jesus was “wilding” when he caught people conducting business in the temple.

“Jesus was wilding in the temple in John 2:15. He pulled out whips and was beating niggas’s asses.  His motivation was the injustice he saw in the temple. I can riot in response to similar injustice in the streets,” Ware wrote.

Ware finally suggests praying, but not for the ability to forgive the jurors or Shelby. Ware proposes praying so that he doesn’t beat someone up.

“Because once I’ve prayed with my hands and my feet, I should certainly pray with my heart—but it will not be for their forgiveness. It’ll be that I don’t whip their ass,” Ware finishes.

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