Van Jones: Trump Is ‘President Snowflake’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Van Jones argued on CNN Thursday night that Donald Trump has transformed from “Trumpzilla” to “President Snowflake.”

Jones said on “Anderson Cooper 360” that Trump has the snowflake mentality because he is always complaining about being treated unfairly by the media.

“What’s interesting is a different Donald Trump,” Jones began.

“Ran, he was this tough guy, he was gonna get things done, this great negotiator, he was Trumpzilla and gonna make Washington bow down, he was gonna drain the swamp,” he continued.

“Now he’s President Snowflake.”

“‘Oh they’re mean to me, and they don’t like me, and I just don’t understand it, it’s not fair,'” Jones mocked to the laughter of Gloria Borger.

Jones explained that this is a “brand shift” for Trump and it makes him look “bizarre” among people who are not a part of his base.

“People who didn’t buy the product at least thought they knew what it was — it turns out you don’t have Trumpzilla you have President Snowflake.”


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