This $100 Desk Lamp Is REALLY Popular. You Should Jump On The Chance To Get It For $30

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So, for starters, this desk lamp is really popular. Just take a look at this:

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

All 5-stars filled in. After hundreds of reviews, too. That’s what you get when 92 percent of reviewers give a product a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

So this lamp is amazing to begin with. Very possibly worth $109. (Although, honestly, I probably would never pay over $100 for a desk lamp, no matter how good it claims to be). But at a mere $30? Talk about a deal.

Normally $110, this desk lamp is 73 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $110, this desk lamp is 73 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 4 Lighting Modes (Studying, Reading, Relaxing, Sleeping), 5 Level Dimming, 1 Hour Auto Timer, Touch Sensitive Control, Modern, Piano Black on sale for $29.97

This lamp has four lighting modes and five brightness levels. Thankfully, it has a 1-hour auto-off timer, which will save you a lot of electricity if you are like me and always forget to turn your desk lamp off whenever you leave the office. It also has a USB port which is a cool thing desk lamps are doing these days.

If you want some positivity in your life, read the hundreds of customer reviews. Here’s a sample:

Well, I’ve had the lamp and been using it for about a week now, so I feel this review should be accurate.
First off, I love the design! The base is very heavy while the body is very light, so my cats can’t knock it over, but you can detach the base for storage or if you wanted to mount it creatively. That being said, it doesn’t detach too easily; there’s no concern about it randomly coming apart, but you also don’t need tools or anything. It might not seem like a big deal, I know, but it’s very cool!

Now the important stuff: the light very good! I love the light settings; on its “daylight” setting it really has a feel of daylight (I actually keep thinking I’ve got the curtains open in the office when I walk by if it’s on!) Reading and Sleep settings are both very soft, with little to no blue light to drive you crazy at night. It’s all very easy to use, and it takes up very little space! I would definitely recommend it!

And here’s another:

I work a lot in front of the computer at night, I read a lot at night. My older table lamp appeared too bright to work with at night for a long period. I have very sensitive eyes and I get headache very easily with bad lighting arrangements.

I bought this lamp after comparing multiple products. There were less expensive products available but I was really in need of a *good* table lamp, and I decided to trust the time and effort I had put in to find a product.

I have been using this lamp for about more than a week now; every day, every night for 7-8 hours daily.

+The lamp arrived on time, nicely packed.
+ Assembly was a 2 minute effort.
+ The 4 modes work well, though I technically need only two modes. One minor point I felt was the “sleep” mode could have been more distinctly dimmer than “relax” mode. But that is not a big issue for me.
+ The lamp really doesn’t heat up at all, unlike many other products that I read about. Even after 6 hours of work, the lamp is as cold as when it was switched off for a whole day.
+ Very stable base. Does not topple in whatever angle or position I set it in. Also, does not fall down too easily even if you hit it with your hand or book by accident.
+ Does not hurt eyes.
+ Overall, very stylish look, very neat, compact and stable design, and more than anything – it works very well.

When that reviewer purchased the lamp, “there were less expensive products available.” When it’s on sale for this low price, that’s not likely. If it’s worth $100, it is certainly worth $30. No doubt.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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