Unhinged Reporter Who Went On Anti-Cop Rant Says She May Have Been ‘Drugged’

A local reporter who was arrested Sunday after going on an anti-police tirade outside a Philadelphia comedy club partially blames her unseemly actions on potentially being drugged.

Colleen Campbell, a 28-year-old recent graduate of Temple University, was allegedly kicked out of an entertainment venue for declining requests to be quiet during actor and comedian Craig Robinson’s performance. After she was escorted out of the club by employees, Campbell is heard and seen in a video published Monday on Facebook yelling obscenities and sharply criticizing the police officer and law enforcement in general.

“I work at a fucking news station, motherfucker. I work at PHL 17. Oh, you’re going to put that on the fucking news? You’re going to go (sic) that to NBC,” Campbell howled while leaning up against the wall, still bound. “Fucking bitch, I fucking hate you guys. Fucking hate the world. No wonder everyone wants to blow your fucking heads off,” she continued, likely addressing the police officer. (RELATED: ‘I Work At A F**king News Station, Motherf**ker’: Young Reporter Arrested After Unloading On Cop)

“Lick my asshole, how about that? Fucking, piece of shit. That’s why nobody likes fucking police because they all … are idiots in this fucking town,” Campbell shouts, right before she seemingly spit on a man who appears to be a member of the club’s staff.

She says while she is “extremely ashamed and embarrassed” for what she has done, she is sure that her “actions on that video are not the result of a handful of drinks spaced out over a couple of hours.”


“I believe I may have been unknowingly drugged at some point that night,” Campbell said in an official statement,” adding that her prior experience as a bartender and (somehow) on-air reporter makes her more aware of her drinking limits. “I did not receive medical testing while in custody because, as I recall, I was advised by personnel at the police station that such testing would delay the process of my being released.”

Comic Wil Sylvince, who captured the outburst on camera first-hand, originally wrote in the post accompanying the footage that she did not appear drunk or high.

Other choice words and phrases Campbell spewed during her rant include “fucking cocksuckers” and “fucking dickeaters,” which were also probably directed at the law enforcement agent.

Campbell wants an opportunity to personally apologize to the police officer she so ruthlessly berated, and plans on reaching out to him. Nevertheless, the family spokesman and attorney Wayne Pollock said “their highest priority is the health and well-being of Ms. Campbell.”

Pollock claims that his client has received “thousands of lewd and threatening phone calls, texts, messages, and emails,” some of which include “disturbing sexual and violent threats.” (RELATED: Irate Passenger Threatens To File Fake Rape Accusations Against Uber Driver [VIDEO])

Almost all of Campbell’s content, both on-air and written, has been cleansed from the website of the news station PHL 17, her now-former place of work.

Campbell was fired almost immediately after she was incarcerated and charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

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