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Omarosa Is On The Hunt For Fall Interns

Don’t let all the trash talk wafting around Omarosa Manigault scare you.

She wants fall interns. And in my experience, she’s actually pretty nice. Some years ago I wrote about with great frequency to the point that my editor at the time told me she’d have to die for me to write about her again. (Thankfully that hasn’t happened.)

So if you’re up for an internship and want the job of a lifetime you’ll do the following: Avoid Googling her bad rap as a villain on “The Apprentice” and her experiences with American Urban Radio‘s White House correspondent April Ryan and get to work on your application.









The application process looks fairly treacherous.

But the hard facts are as follows:

  1. You’ll be working for Omarosa for three months and two days.
  2. You’ll need two letters of recommendation.
  3. You’ll need to submit your social media accounts, so hopefully you didn’t say or do anything too stupid or embarrassing.
  4. You’ll have to get your shit together before June 23, which is eight days from now.
  5. A “White House Reviewing Committee” will review all your materials.

The questions are rigorous.

If you’re skilled at sucking up, or are willing to learn on the job, this might be the position for you.

Here’s a sampling of the questions…but there are others, like “What is one obstacle you’ve faced in your life and what did you learn from it?”

Many of them include being clear on why President Trump is GREAT.

  • Why are you committed to supporting President Donald J. Trump’s Administration?
  • Which Trump Administration Cabinet Secretary do you most admire, and why?
  • What do you view as the most significant achievement of the Trump Administration thus far?
  • In no more than 400 words, please write a professional policy memorandum for a senior staffer giving a recommendation for a change to a specific policy that is already in place, to include an explanation of why the proposed change would be beneficial to the American people.

This looks like a promising job for two disenchanted MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts that have been having a tough time with Trump as of late.

I can see the headline now: “Joe And Mika Learn To Love Trump Again Through Omarosa Internship”