Families Frantic Over Missing Sailors As Many Blast Trump On Twitter

Seven U.S. sailors are still missing, their family members frantic as a massive search is underway, and many are taking this as an opportunity to blast President Donald Trump.

The search continues for the seven missing sailors in the sea off of Japan and U.S., and Japanese vessels and aircraft are involved in the search for the missing, according to ABC News.

The USS Fitzgerald crashed with a container ship early Saturday morning.

Some apparently have taken this tragedy as an opportunity to blast President Trump.

Many tweeted to say the president is not in touch, did not respond quickly, and criticized him being at Camp David while seven sailors are missing.

One tweet called the Trump a coward, and said, “Where the hell are you? Camp David hiding from your own staff, while seven sailors are missing at sea. COWARD!”

Another person tweeted, “#45’s gone 2 Camp David w/o saying anything about 7 US Navy sailors missing, 1 injured after warship collision.”

Trump’s tweet about the sailors early Saturday morning read: “Thoughts and prayers with the sailors of USS Fitzgerald and their families. Thank you to our Japanese allies for their assistance.”

Numerous people called out the president for tweeting about Fox News’ Sean Hannity before the missing sailors. One wrote, “Trump retweets hannity’s conspiracy shit before tweeting about missing sailors.  Nice.”

“How many days did it take you to acknowledge these missing sailors? Yet you had time to tweet about Hannity. You are ‪#pathetic,” another tweeted.

Some also called out Trump for his delay in responding to the Navy destroyer’s collision.

‪”@realDonaldTrump‪ Took long enough for you to respond; By the way, it’s not your job to pray, it’s your job to act when service members are in danger,” another tweeted out.