Gay Orgs Can’t Decide Whether To Protest Or Celebrate During Gay Pride Month

The Trump administration has gay organizations debating how they should celebrate gay Pride month this year.

Some activist organizations feel that their best option is to protest since President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are in power, while others want to continue with the more festive celebrations, reports The New York Times.

“There’s lot of collective trauma — lots of folks in the community who don’t feel particularly represented,” senior director Catalina Vasquez of Casa Ruby told Buzzfeed News. “What can you celebrate when you’re still fighting to breathe and walk unapologetically in your truth?”

These activists group believe that the advent of Trump and Pence signals a rollback on progressive values like gay marriage. They want to turn the celebratory nature of a Pride parade into a more protest-oriented march. Others want Pride parades to stop being sponsored by groups that reportedly have ties to Trump.

No Justice No Pride, a group of multiple activists, recently protested and blocked a Pride parade because the sponsors were too connected to Trump, the presence of police officers and the banking practices of sponsor Wells Fargo.

“I think it’s really important that marginalized voices are lifted up and not ignored — it’s the responsibility of organizations with power and money to elevate our voices. We’re following in the footsteps of all of the amazing trans people of color who fought for us in the late ’60s,”  activist Ntebo Mokuena said.

Others don’t want to turn from the more celebratory nature as they have already spent months in advance planning for them. Also, some participants want to stick with the more festive feel.

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