Rand Paul Says Trump Is Ready To Work With Him On Health Care

GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky announced Monday that President Donald Trump is willing to cooperate with him to reform the recently revealed Senate health care bill.

Paul’s comments came moments after Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell announced the leadership would delay the vote on the GOP health care bill until after the July 4 recess. The delay is the result of internal opposition to the bill, as five Republican senators have defected, leaving the GOP three votes short.

The Kentucky Senator announced he would be meeting with Trump to voice his objections to the GOP Senate health care bill Monday morning.

Paul is a leading voice for the conservative wing of the party, which has prioritized a more expansive state waiver system that would allow states to override the Obamacare prohibition against providers charging sick people more for care. Conservatives have also been pushed for more funding for tax free savings accounts which provide consumers with more money to pay for private health care.

Moderates within the Republican party, like Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, have objected to the substantial Medicaid cuts included in the bill and have demanded increased funding for addiction treatment.

Paul is expected to reveal more details regarding his meeting with Trump at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

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