Remembering Nancy Reagan On Her Birthday [SLIDESHOW]

Today we remember Nancy Reagan on what would have been her 96th birthday. From acting, to her political endeavors, Nancy lived a life full of passion, determination and influence. She is someone who should be admired by all. Her intelligence and fortitude never permitted her to stand in the shadow of President Ronald Reagan. She was a force to be reckoned with, and a “powerhouse” as Reagan once wrote.

You can read about her life during Reagan’s administration, from her relationships with the staff to her personal bout with cancer in her book, “My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan.” Or better yet, you can get an inside look into her magical marriage with President Ronald Reagan in her book “I Love You Ronnie: The Letters Of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan.” (SLIDESHOW: 45 Of Melania Trump’s Best Looks Since Becoming First Lady)

Here are some photos that offer just a glimpse of the legendary first lady’s life that is still admired by so many.

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  • She was her husbands “chief protector”, as the media labeled her following the attempted assassination of the President in 1981. (Photo:Getty)
  • Nancy served as the First Lady of California (1967), and of the United States of America (1981). (Photo:Getty)
  • Ronald and Nancy appeared in one film together, Hellcats of the Navy, which was Nancy’s last on-screen performance. (Photo:Getty)
  • Nancy majored in English and drama at Smith College. She graduated in 1943. (Photo:Getty)
  • Born Anne Frances Robbins on July 6, 1921 in New York City. Her mother was aspiring actress Edith Davis and her father, Kenneth Robbins, was a car salesman and insurance agent.  (Photo:Getty)
  • During her post-White House days, she established the Nancy Reagan Foundation in 1989. It would continue her drug awareness campaign she started as First Lady 7 years prior.  (Photo:Instagram)
  • Nancy’s ‘Just Say No’ legacy started when she began the drug awareness campaign in 1982. This became her primary project as First Lady of the United States. (Photo:Instagram)
  • Nancy met Ronald Reagan during her acting career. The two dated for three years before getting married on March 4, 1962. (Photo:Instagram)
  • After it was discovered President Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s, she established the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute in 1994 to support further research on the disease. (Photo:Getty)
  • Nancy passed away March 6, 2016, only two days after her and Ronald Reagan’s 54th anniversary. She is buried next to her beloved husband. (Photo:Getty)
  • Following President Reagan’s death in 2004, Nancy’s political career expanded. She began to advocate for stem cell research, and even urged George W. Bush to provide federal funds for it. (Photo:Getty)