Don Lemon Longs To Have A Huge, Unkempt Afro

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

CNN host Don Lemon has beauty tips.

We’re talking special oils to keep his skin youthful.

And it shows — the 51-year-old looks way younger than his age.

In a NYT‘s “Men’s Style” piece, Lemon explains his daily grooming habits, one of which is smearing argan oil on his face.

But he has dreams of looking like a different Don — as in Don King. If Lemon had his druthers, he’d let his hair go wild.

“If I didn’t have to be on TV, I would never cut my hair. I would never comb it. I would just have a big Afro,” he told writer Bee Shapiro.

Come on, Lemon. Let your hair down. It would be ok.

You could always chop it if Jeff Zucker hates it.

But maybe it would be a fabulous new you.

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