Study: Clinton Lost The Twitter Meme War To Trump

Misogyny, Wikileaks, James Comey and Russia have all been trotted out as reasons for Hillary Clinton’s election loss to Donald Trump.

One study now thinks there’s a new reason why Trump won — Twitter. A study from the University of Edinburgh points to Twitter users as having a heavy pro-Trump slant.

The study profiled 50 viral election tweets every day for 68 days before the election, USA Today reports.

The report reveals that pro-Trump content dominated Twitter, stating, “two-thirds of the 3,450 viral tweets — which were retweeted about 26 million times — either attacked Clinton (39%) or supported Trump (23%). The other third either supported Clinton (14%) or attacked Trump (19%).”

Other interesting findings include the fact that Clinton’s Twitter account spent more time criticizing Trump than promoting herself, with a reported 331 positive tweets about herself, and 363 that attacked Trump. Trump did the reverse of this, with his account showing 446 pro-Trump tweets and 246 anti-Clinton ones.

Finally, USA Today reports that on 85 percent of the days leading up to the election profiled on Twitter, pro-Trump tweets had more retweets than pro-Clinton tweets.

During the election, Twitter was home to an eclectic mix of pro-Trump content from conservatives, libertarians, and some members of the “alt-right.” This group often utilized memes and trolling to criticize liberals and other perceived political opponents.

Trump engaged with his Twitter fans directly at times, including re-tweeting a YouTube link of a humorous video, “You Can’t Stump The Trump,” which edited clips of future President Trump “stumping” various opponents during the primary.

Jeb Bush was a prominent target of mockery in these videos.


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