If Hotness Is A ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ These Models Are About To Be Out Of Health Care [SLIDESHOW]

One of the promises Donald Trump made during his presidential race was to repeal the Affordable Care Act and he has been working towards completing that process since he took office in January.

Republicans in the Senate have been deadlocked trying to repeal and replace Obamacare for a while, and GOP leaders are expected to bring a vote to the floor as early as Tuesday, despite not having the votes needed to pass the bill.

One of the aspects of the legislation that is slowing the process deals with pre-existing conditions and how insurance companies treat patients who are already sick.

ObamaCare requires that insurance companies accept people with pre-existing conditions and charge them no differently than customers who are perfectly healthy. Moderate republicans fear that any bill that offers states the ability to opt out of that requirement could jeopardize Americans with pre-existing conditions.

If hotness is considered a “pre-existing” condition — and the new bill does allow states the option to opt out — these supermodels could find themselves in big trouble.

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