Top 20 Highest Earning CEOs In The United States [SLIDESHOW]

America is home to some of the most successful and innovative companies in the world, and the salaries of these companies’ chief executives certainly show it.

Here’s a list of the 20 highest salaries for American CEOs.

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  • Virginia Rometty - IBM -
$32.3M (Photo: Getty)
  • Thomas Rutledge - Charter Communications - $98M (Photo: Getty)
  • Stephen Wynn - Wynn Resorts - $28.2M (Photo: Getty)
  • Safra Catz - Oracle - $40.9 (Photo: Getty)
  • Robert Kotick - Activision -
$33.1M (Photo: Getty)
  • Robert Iger - Disney -
$41M (Photo: Getty)
  • Mark Parker - Nike - $47.6M (Photo: Getty)
  • Mark Hurd - Oracle -
$41.1M (Photo: Getty)
  • Margaret Whitman - Hewlett Packard Enterprise - $32.9M (Photo: Getty)
  • Leslie Moonves - CBS -
$68.6M (Photo: Getty)
  • Leonard Schleifer - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals - $28.3M (Photo: Getty)
  • Joshua Sapan - AMC Networks - $30.5M (Photo: Getty)
  • Jeffrey Bewkes - Time Warner - $32.6M (Photo: Getty)
  • Gregory Maffei - Liberty Media Corporation - $29.8M (Photo: Getty)
  • Fabrizio Freda - $Estee Lauder - $47.7 (Photo: Getty)
  • (Photo: Getty)
  • (Photo: Getty)
  • (Photo: Getty)
  • (Photo: Reuters)

Being a chief executive officer at a large company is one of the most stressful and demanding occupations in the world. Under constant pressure from both the board of directors and investors, every move of a CEO is examined and inspected with the utmost scrutiny.

They are compensated — and boy, are they compensated well. (RELATED: Ex-Anheuser Busch CEO Found In Helicopter Carrying 4 Guns, 8 Dogs And Prescription Pills)

It is normal for these key business leaders to earn salaries upwards, way upwards, of $10 million per year. In fact, of the people featured in this list, not a single CEO has a yearly salary anywhere near that low. Check out the slideshow to see just how much the 20 highest paid American titans of industry earn per year.