In Wake Of Brexit Merkel Vows To Strengthen EU

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to make the European Union stronger after Brexit during a Saturday speech in Zingst, Germany.

Merkel contributed Germany’s strength to its EU membership stating, “If Europe is stronger, then Germany will be stronger. This is directly related,” according to Newshub.

Merkel also noted the EU preserves freedom of speech and religion.

“That’s why it is worth fighting for this Europe,” she said.

The German government paid a Muslim woman 7,000 euros in response to being fired from a teaching position due to wearing a hijab.

In response to Brexit, Merkel noted that “Europe is more than just bureaucracy and economic regulation, that Europe and living together in the European Union have something to do with war and peace, that the decades of peace after World War II would have been completely unthinkable without the European Union.”

Merkel also voiced criticism for Donald Trump’s “winner and losers” foreign policy prior to her meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump on July 6.

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