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Tomi Lahren To Appear On ‘Hannity’ All Week

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren, an ex-TV host at Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze, is officially back in the media biz. At least for a week.

In late May, she went to work for Great America Alliance, a pro-Trump PAC.

Back in March, things went south for her after she appeared on ABC’s The View and said she was in favor of abortion.

But watch out. This week she’ll appear on Fox News’s “Hannity” program during the “Final Word” portion of the show.







No word on whether FNC’s Sean Hannity staffers will supply her with a microwave heated butt pad.

The reviews on Twitter were mixed, but largely negative. (Apparently her fan base is over on Facebook — let’s hope so.)

“You should get your own show on Fox News!!”

“Double your pleasure double the bullshit. Hooray!”

“Thanks for the warning.”

“Does Glenn Beck own the rights to Final Thoughts?”

“Ewwwwwwwww no.”

“I’d rather watch an hour of two turds drying under a heat lamp. Well, I guess I’ve set my plans for tonight.”

“No thanks. I stopped trying to get diarrhea into my ears eons ago, Aryan Barbie.”

Back in May, Lahren settled her lawsuit against Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination in April.