Trump’s Approval Rating Sinks With Iowa Independents

President Donald Trump is losing ground with Iowa Independent voters, according to a poll released Monday.

Only 35 percent of the voting group approve of the job the president has done in the first six months into his tenure, and 59 percent disapprove, according to the poll conducted by the Des Moines Register. That’s much lower than the 51 percent of Independents who supported him in November’s presidential election, according to CNN’s exit polling.

“I felt that when Trump took office, here’s a man who’s going to get stuff accomplished — he’s not going to take any guff from people, and he’s actually going to go in there and get stuff done,” an Independent voter told the Des Moines Register. “Now, he’s been kind of railroaded on all that, and he’s doing it to himself.”

Republican voters who supported Trump still stand behind their man. Ninety percent of those who reported voting for Trump before still approve of the job he’s doing now. The president enjoys a 63 percent approval rating among rural voters and 57 percent of evangelicals.

“It doesn’t seem like it makes any difference which party gets in there. Whatever they say they’ll do when they get in there, they can’t really do it,” Republican voter Joan Klinger said about the president. “I just want him to annoy the hell out of everybody, and he’s done that.”

Trump earned 51.1 percent of the vote in the state, compared to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s paltry 41.7 percent return in the 2016 election. The president earned 90 percent support among Republican voters, 51 percent support among Independents, and an additional 10 percent among Democratic voters according to an exit poll.

Iowa is an important state because it’s the first caucus of the presidential season, and several Democrats are already hitting the campaign trail, like former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Des Moines Register included 800 Iowa adults in the poll that began July 9 and ended July 13. The poll included a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points in either direction.

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