Daily Vaper: Lost Vape Esquare Mod Review

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

Lost Vape’s Esquare mod has a DNA computer chip inside and has a maximum output of 60 watts. It is powered by two 18650 batteries. It is marketed to charge up fully in 4 hours. Anyone who is familiar with DNA mods are aware that DNA computer chips are the most sought after product. It is the most popular and arguably the most efficient among vaping products.

The video demonstrates Lost Vape’s Epitite, which we previously reviewed, as well as the Esquare mod. Lost Vape’s Esquare mod has waterproof buttons and possibly a waterproof board. The reviewer says, “Lost Vape always has high quality mods, Evolv DNA chips / boards are great, and the Esquare mod is good looking. Here are a pair of DNA 60 mods…one single and one dual 18650…that are quite handsome!”  This mod is very well built and has some weight to it. As far as vaping quality, it works fabulous. If you can get past the “square” look to it, he would recommend it to any vaper.

Lost Vape ESQU Box DNA60 Mod Supporting Dual 18650 Batteries

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