9 Things That Happened Faster Than Obamacare Repeal [SLIDESHOW]

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Republicans have been trying to appeal Obamacare for over seven years, and it doesn’t seem like having a conservative president in the White House is speeding up the process.

Seven years is a long time. I mean, think about it. That’s three years longer than it takes (most people) to graduate from college. That’s longer than the United States’ involvement in both World War I and World War II combined. Seven years is even longer than the three years CNN spent covering the Malaysia Airlines flight that vanished with 239 people onboard.

Trump repeatedly promised during his presidential campaign that he would repeal Obamacare, but the GOP still can’t seem to wrap this thing up. At this rate, the Cleveland Browns are going to win a Super Bowl before the Republicans make the Obamacare repeal a reality.

Here are just nine things that have happened faster than the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.


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