EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Jordan Peterson Slams Gender Identity Discrimination Law

Rob Shimshock | Education Reporter

Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson rejected the idea that diversity creates productivity and slammed C-16, which could criminalize misuse of gender pronouns, while speaking with The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Rob Shimshock on “The Shimshock Show” Thursday.

Peterson came under fire in 2016 for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns like “xe” and “xir.” He has since obtained hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, and millions have viewed his lectures and interviews.


“[C-16] is extremely wide ranging and seems to mandate, for example, the use of the pronouns that a person chooses as a required part of human discourse, normative discourse, with the possibility of penalties if you fail to do so,” Peterson said. “Now the activists who’ve been pushing for this legislation claim that there would be no prosecutions for such things but when, in the Canadian senate, an amendment was proposed to make that clear, the federal Minister of Justice refused to entertain the amendment.” (RELATED: Google And YouTube Ban Prof Who Refused To Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns)

The University of Toronto psychology professor also objected to the left-wing assertion that diversity increases productivity, and even revenue, in the workplace, insisting that there was no scientific analysis that proved these theories.

“[HR departments are] often full of postmodern neo-Marxist types who are equity and diversity oriented beyond all reasonableness,” Peterson said. “And they make the assumption that diversity — this is a VERY offensive assumption — that diversity in opinion and performance is a consequence of diversity of race and ethnicity.”

“You’d think that that would be an argument that’s absolutely abhorrent to [post-modernists], but the post-modern neo-Marxists are not known for their coherence,” Peterson said.

Watch the full interview here.

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