CNN Commentator Says NK Rhetoric Like A ‘Yo Mama Contest’

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro described the inflammatory rhetoric exchanged between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un as a “Yo Mama contest” Friday.

“To me it sounds like a ‘Yo Mama’ contest between the guy from North Korea and the guy from the United States that is going to end up in what? What is the end game here?” Navarro asked. “When are either of these two bluster filled, bravado filled, ginormous ego filled, two men going to stop and, you know, make this something that has a real ending?”

Navarro said Trump’s base is remaining loyal and trusting him to deescalate the situation, but added that the rest of the country is panic stricken with fear from the uncertainty.

“The rest of us in America might be scared, might be apoplectic. Might wake up every morning with a fear wondering what we’re going to see when we look up Twitter,” she said. “You know, have we gone into war, what is he dragging us into?”

“He cares about what the base thinks, he caters to them, he promotes their loyalty, and for the large part [they] are remaining loyal,” Navarro concluded.

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