Dr. Jordan Peterson Slams Proposed Harvard Frat Ban [VIDEO]

Rob Shimshock | Education Reporter

Jordan Peterson criticized Harvard University’s proposal to ban frats and discussed scoring universities by commitment to truth vs. social justice while speaking with Rob Shimshock on “The Shimshock Show” Thursday.

“Harvard seems perfectly willing to sacrifice freedom of association to their hypothetical commitment to equity and so forth,” said Peterson, referring to the university faculty committee’s recommendation to ban single-gender groups. “I think it’s absolutely reprehensible…there’s just no excuse for the universities to adopt that sort of stance with regard to the private lives of their students and if Harvard continues to do such things, they’re going to tarnish their brand irreparably.”


Peterson stressed that informing the consumer was paramount, advocating for a ranking of universities by dedication to truth and social justice, as well as evaluations of individual disciplines like women’s studies and sociology. (RELATED: Shimshock Show Says Harvard Is Right, Must Ban Frats) 

“[New York University professor] Jonathan Haidt has done some of that with his Heterodox Academy,” said Peterson, noting that the University of Chicago received 1st-place for its dedication to truth whereas Brown University scored highest for commitment to social justice.

“The problem is, people might say ‘who cares about what happens in universities?’ continued the professor. “But that’s a very short-sighted perspective because for better or worse the universities train the people who run organizations and if the universities are indoctrinating people and also the lower echelons of the education system, increasingly, then there’s going to be spillover into the general population very, very rapidly.”

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