Former Obama Spox Admits: Obama Didn’t Do Enough To Stop North Korea [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Tommy Vietor, former National Security Council spokesman under President Barack Obama, admitted on Thursday that Obama made no progress in North Korea. 

“You can’t look at the situation and say, yeah he would have stayed the course,” Vietor said when asked if Obama would change anything about his North Korea policy in retrospect. “We didn’t achieve what we needed to achieve, which was stop their nuclear program.”

The United States is now facing major tension with North Korea over their technological advancements in their nuclear program.

“We just never got to the point where any progress was made,” he continued. “This thing was just always cranking along. I mean, we got sanctions put on them…but that’s an input it’s not an output.”

“Nothing progressed in the way that we wanted,” Vietor concluded.


You can listen to Vietor’s entire interview over at Zero Pod Thirty.

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