HuffPo: Nuclear War Means A Bad Hair Day

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

According to a very important article from Huffington Post, nuclear war may give you a “bad hair day” because you won’t be able to condition your hair.

David Moye wrote Thursday night that “Conditioning Your Hair After A Nuclear Blast Is A Bad, Bad Idea” because it can cause nuclear fallout to get trapped in your hair.

Moye dedicates an entire piece to the “unnerving” suggestion not to condition hair post-nuclear blast, which is a tip issued by the government. 

“A nuclear explosion would be devastating to the planet ― and would mean a very bad hair day for millions,” he writes.”That’s the unnerving wisdom contained in tips the government has issued for dealing with a nuclear blast.”

Moye explains that the tip seems relevant given Trump’s recent comments that North Korea will face “fire and fury” if they continue to threaten the United States.

“Trump wasn’t talking about frizzy hair,” he says of Trump’s comments. “But there would definitely be fallout if Americans weren’t able to control their locks because of nuclear war.”

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