CNN, MSNBC Didn’t Used To View Romney As Moral Authority [VIDEO]

It turns out media figures are much keener on Mitt Romney when he is criticizing Donald Trump than when he is running for president.

CNN and MSNBC spent much of the day Friday touting the 2012 Republican nominee’s long-winded Facebook post urging President Trump to apologize for his “both sides” comments about Charlottesville, Va.

“It was a very powerful piece,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said of the statement, while CNN’s John Berman called it “scathing” and “remarkable.”

But media figures weren’t so willing to give Romney moral accolades back when he was just the guy who ran against Barack Obama in 2012.

In an infamous 2013 MSNBC segment, then-host Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests mocked Romney for having an African-American grandchild.

“I think this picture is great, it really sums up the diversity of the Republican Party,” one guest laughed of the child being the only black person in Romney’s family photo.

In 2012, CNN’s Don Lemon compared Romney’s stance on gay marriage to the segregationist views expressed by former governor of Alabama George Wallace in 1962.

“Think about what this might sound like a few decades from now,” Lemon said of Romney’s support for traditional marriage in comparison to Wallace’s call for “segregation forever.”


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