Hurricane Irma Isn’t The Only Thing Breaking Wind [VIDEO]

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Hurricane Irma is hard enough without viewers having to see an award-winning meteorologist unleash a human hydrogen bomb during a weather report this week.

The whole thing was pretty obscene.

But not for the reasons you might think.

Chris Dunn, chief meteorologist at Mobile, Alabama’s WPMI-TV (which should be renamed WTMI-TV) bent over backgrounds to make the whole thing as uncomfortable as possible. He leaned over and then let it rip on live TV — totally calling attention to it. Now thats a gaseous crime.

The Mirror assumes he must be hanging his head in shame this week after his now infamous, viral blast. So I tried to get in touch with him. You know, just to clear the air.

Someone named “Trey” answered WPMI’s newsroom phone. He kind of laughed when I told him what I was calling about. “No comment,” he said twice. When I asked to be transferred to Dunn, he told me he wasn’t there.

“Taking a few days off?” I asked.

“Nah…just not his shift,” Trey replied. “Thanks for calling!”

Truly this was the puff heard around the world.

Every pub you’ve heard of and have never heard of covered the rectal disturbance.

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