You’re Crazy If You’d Rather Have A Phone Than A Gun During A Home Invasion

You’re crazy if you’d rather have a phone to protect yourself than a firearm in the event somebody is breaking into your house.

A couple days ago I asked my Twitter followers, “What would you prefer to have if somebody broke into your house: a gun in your hand to defend yourself or a phone to dial 911?”

The poll ended with 85 percent of the 9,385 voters saying they’d rather have a gun, which is shockingly low.

I’d like the 15 percent to openly identify themselves, and unfollow me. You are not the kind of audience I want to build.

This poll should have been 100 percent for the gun and zero percent for the phone. The police are a reactionary force in the event of an attack on your home. They’re not standing out in the front yard waiting for the bad guys to show up.

The best case scenario with the phone is the police eventually show up and the bad guy never finds you. What if he does? You can throw the phone. I’d prefer to throw some lead. I’m obviously not advocating for violence of any kind. I hate violence. I find the idea of it completely repulsive, but I’m also a realist.

As I’ve written before, you don’t have to like guns, but it’s foolish to not understand the basics at least. There’s not a bad guy in the world who enjoys getting shot. Most probably, he couldn’t care less about whether or not you have a phone. They’ll damn sure care about whether or not you have a gun.

P.S.: I will allow the phone to be a satisfactory answer if you’re using it to call me.

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