Kellyanne Conway: Trump Willing To Work With Whoever Promotes His Agenda

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday President Donald Trump is willing to work with members of either party on major legislation so long as they “promote his agenda.”

“The president works mostly with the leaders of his own party and he’s also committed to working with those who are going to help promote his agenda. His agenda is tax reform, his agenda is healthcare for the 29 million Americans who don’t have it. Who were lied to about keeping their plan and keeping their doctor. His agenda is about infrastructure,” she said on Fox News.

Conway said one of the main goals of the tax reform package would be to recover lost revenue parked overseas, and incentivize companies to bring their businesses back to the U.S.

“We want to repatriate that money from overseas. We’d imagine that Democrats also believe along with Republicans the fact that companies have parked wealth legally overseas to the trillions. And jobs have been shifted overseas because American companies are punished under our tax code,” she said. “We really want middle class Americans to benefit from the president tax reform package. Whether it’s through the child care tax credit, through lowering the marginal rates and making it easier to spur economic growth up to the levels that this nation had until about 2007.”

Conway said Democrats who are unwilling to work with Trump will ultimately hurt “job holders” and “job seekers” by denying them much needed relief under a reformed tax code.

“We saw with the confirmation process of Neil Gorsuch … that we only got three Democrats to come over. We hope those three democrats and others will recognize that when it comes to tax reform, the small business in their states, the property owners, the job holders, the job seekers, the job creators all deserve fundamental tax reform and tax relief.”

She stressed how Trump came to D.C. as a “disruptor” and opened the door to anyone willing to sit down with him to advance his agenda.

“We need to talk about who Donald Trump is. He has come to Washington as a disruptor … he brings those skill sets and that effectiveness to bare on this job in that, he’s an excellent negotiator. Excellent listener. And wants anybody who is going to support his agenda … he wants them to come to the table.

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