How Vaping Can Ease the Transition For Long-Time Smokers

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One of the reasons quitting smoking is so tough, especially for long-time smokers, is the way it can become ingrained in a person’s lifestyle. Morning coffee includes a cigarette. Driving or chatting on the phone involves a cigarette. Thinking, taking a break from thinking, unwinding after work or relaxing with a drink may all be activities that involve a cigarette.

Taking the cigarette out of the equation leaves a huge void, but it’s a void that can be effectively filled by vaping. Totally eliminating an old habit can be excruciating, or even impossible. Replacing an old habit with a new habit, however, can result in a much greater likelihood of success.

Swapping out the old habit of smoking for the new habit of vaping not only fills the void, but it can make the transition easier for a number of other reasons.

Alleviates Nicotine Withdrawal

Putting down cigarettes means putting down nicotine, which can result in nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms can include irritability, depression, anxiety, headaches, nausea, insomnia and even weight gain. While some people can get through nicotine withdrawal in several days, others can be plagued by symptoms for months.

Smokers who transition to vaping can skip the withdrawal symptoms altogether. Most e-juice companies offer different levels of nicotine in their products, and smokers need only choose a level that aligns with the amount of nicotine to which their body is accustomed. Instead of abruptly stopping all nicotine intake at once, smokers can gradually reduce their nicotine intake by choosing e-juices with lower and lower levels of nicotine over a period of time.

Provides Real Tobacco Experience  

For some smokers, the taste and experience of real tobacco is a major reason they stick with cigarettes over vaping. But vaping can take care of that issue, too. E-juice has advanced dramatically since the early days of foul-tasting e-cigarettes. Some companies even use natural tobacco extract to create real tobacco e-juice that actually tastes better than cigarettes.

Real tobacco e-juice that relies solely on tobacco extract for its flavor isn’t riddled with all the additives found in cigarettes or synthetic e-juices. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, while synthetic e-juice typically contains artificial flavors, colors and other chemicals. Real tobacco e-juice steers clear of additives that can mar the tobacco experience.

Makes Logical Sense

Vaping can help with psychological and physical factors of quitting smoking, and it can likewise present a persuasive case for the logical mind. Public Health England has noted that vaping may be 95 percent safer than smoking tobacco. The high cost of smoking, on the environment as well as on the wallet, is another factor to consider. In addition to eliminating the countless cigarette butts and toxic fumes that smoking produces, vaping ends up far less expensive than smoking as a regular habit.

Vaping can be an ideal way for long-time smokers to put down cigarettes. The transition to vaping helps to overcome the greatest obstacles smokers face when quitting – while sating the urges and cravings to help people succeed.

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