How Do You Jellyfish?

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

If you are able to “push O’s,” then you are halfway to completing the “Jellyfish” vape trick.

First, you need to take a nice draw from your vape mod, trying not to inhale so deeply into your lungs. You need the vapor to be very thick when you blow an O, so you can accomplish the trick’s second part. After taking a draw, you will want to blow an O. Right after you blow the O, you want to push it with your hand. It is all about timing here: It’s all in one motion, almost simultaneously. Your hand does not touch the vapor, but is simply behind it, moving the O in any which direction. Wait for a second or two to let the O to expand. Once you have this down, you’re ready to move on.

The second part, after blowing an O, is the art of the “jellyfish” trick. You will want to take a second draw on your vape mod. Again, you will want to do a mouth hit and not a direct inhale. This keeps the vapor dense. Keeping a few inches away from the O, you need to push out the vapor production from your second draw, right in the middle of the O. This vapor will slowly wrap around the O, resembling a jellyfish. The process of letting out the vapor onto the O, is called “feeding” the O. But, remember not to blow out the vapor. It needs to be gently released. Just opening and closing your mouth will release vapor. The trickster in the video says to push it out with your tongue…

We learn there are other variations of this trick. Another method is called the “top feed.” The only difference here is that you will be feeding the O right on the top (12 o’clock). The vapor will then slowly wrap around the O in a downward motion.

WATCH How To Jellyfish:

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