Woman Caught on Video Going Wild On Disabled Vet And Service Dog

Jena Greene | Reporter

A Delaware women was caught on camera going insane after a disabled veteran brought his service dog into a restaurant.

The disabled veteran reportedly suffers from PTSD and brings his service dog everywhere with him to keep calm and perform routine daily tasks.

But the woman at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City couldn’t care less, saying the restaurant’s food doesn’t taste good and the dog was ruining her experience, according to the New York Daily News.

As she continued screaming in the vet’s face, another woman off camera says the dog is allowed to be in the restaurant because his owner “fought for our country.”

That apparently triggers her even more, as she screams back, “Congratulations! My husband’s dad fought for our f***ing country. What’s your point?”

You know how some people treat disabled veterans? They give them tax breaks and honorary degrees. You have to be a really sick individual to actually harbor anger for the men and women who sacrifice everything so you can run your mouth like this.

Of course, the irony of this entire display is how “nasty” the woman apparently finds animals. She clearly knows the guy is a vet and needs his service dog, yet she continues to expect everybody else to accommodate her, an able-bodied patron enjoying the freedoms that the military is sworn to defend.

We should be a lot less worried about dogs in restaurants, and a lot more focused on banning people who behave like this woman in public.

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