NFL Has Issued Fines Over Cleats Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Jena Greene | Reporter

There is more evidence of NFL hypocrisy, and this time it centers around breast cancer awareness.

A couple of years ago, Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams was fined $5,787 when he wore breast cancer awareness eye black against the Chiefs in week 7. He’d worn the same eye black in past seasons and has paid for women’s mammograms to help raise breast cancer awareness. Williams lost his mother and four aunts to breast cancer.

To be clear, kneeling for the National Anthem is okay but wearing “find the cure” eye black is apparently unacceptable.

If the NFL wants to act like a political platform (e.g. for police brutality), they better be prepared for every player to try and raise awareness for causes they care about on game day. This is an all or nothing game. Either let every member of the NFL raise awareness for a cause or prohibit game time politics altogether.

This isn’t a buffet. The NFL can’t selectively stand behind some causes and fine for others.

And last time I checked, eye black and cleats are well within the realm of respect and patriotism. Kneeling for the anthem is not.

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