The ‘Monopoly Guy’ Is Photobombing Senate’s Hearing With Equifax

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A woman dressed as a character highly reminiscent of the famous board game’s “Monopoly Guy” caught a lot of attention Wednesday at a Senate hearing on the Equifax data breach.

Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith, who stepped down in disgrace following the public disclosure of a massive security leak, has been answering questions Tuesday and Wednesday in front of different congressional committees about what exactly happened. In an apparent irreverent attempt at “trolling” the now dismissed corporate big wig, a woman donning a black top hat and suit, healthy white mustache, and archetypal monocle attended the hearing. Even better is the fact that the woman — identified by CNBC as Amanda Werner of Americans for Financial Reform and Public Citizen — is sitting right behind Smith, where several cameras are capturing the costume-clad cosplayer.

Formally known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, but more commonly referred to as just the “Monopoly Guy,” the eponymous character of the highly popular board game is a symbol of everything rich and pompous.

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That is likely exactly what Werner is going for, as Smith served as chief executive of a large credit reporting company that so carelessly mismanaged people’s personal information while presumably making large sums of money.

In one screenshot, the “Monopoly Guy” impersonator is seen holding an enlarged replica of the well-known “Get out of jail free card.”

Congress has been grilling Smith for the number of errors committed by the firm he oversaw.

Equifax announced in early September that roughly 143 million U.S. customers likely had personal information stolen due to a large-scale data breach. This number was updated to 145.5 million customers as of Tuesday.

Cyber criminals infiltrated the corporation’s website application and leaked data like names, birth dates, addresses, social security numbers, and for some, drivers licenses and credit card numbers, according to the credit reporting firm.

“It’s like the guards at Fort Knox forgot to lock the doors and failed to notice the thieves were emptying the vaults,” Republican Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon said, reports the Los Angeles Times. “How does this happen when so much is at stake? I don’t think we can pass a law that fixes stupid.” (RELATED: The IRS Is Paying Equifax $7.5 Million To Protect Taxpayers’ Identities)

Three high-ranking executives at Equifax sold nearly $1.8 million worth of stock just days after the company detected a large-scale data breach, according to Bloomberg. During the hearing Tuesday, Smith denied that his former colleagues did anything wrong, arguing, “They’re honorable men. They’re men of integrity.”

Werner’s organization took to Twitter to express that the purpose of the gag (or protest) is to shed light on a serious issue.

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