Kellyanne Conway Rips Bob Corker For ‘Incredibly Irresponsible’ Tweet [VIDEO]

Peter Hasson | Reporter

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway ripped Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker for his “incredibly irresponsible” tweet in which he described the White House as an “adult day car center.”

Corker’s tweet, Conway said, only helps “the mainstream media” cover President Trump in a negative way and takes the focus off of the president’s agenda.

“We’ve all worked with Senator Corker over the years and we thank him for his service, but I find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible. It adds to the insulting that the mainstream media and the president’s detractors, almost a year after this election, they still can’t accept the election results,” Conway said.

“It adds to their ability and their cover to speak about the President of the United States in ways that no president should be talked about,” she said.

“What this does too is, look at what the mainstream media are covering,” Conway said. “This is the hot story instead of the 70-point immigration plan, what’s next on tax reform.”


Corker’s tweet came after Trump tweeted to say that Corker didn’t have “the guts” to run for re-election.

Trump’s tweet followed Corker saying that chief of staff John Kelly, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are the people “that help separate our country from chaos.”

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