CNN Panel: ‘Unconscionable’ That Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Still Silent On Weinstein

Liam Clancy | Reporter

A CNN panel slammed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Tuesday for not speaking up against Harvey Weinstein in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, calling the silence “unconscionable.”

“I don’t think it’s complicated for [Clinton] to come out and condemn somebody who gave her political donations,” CNN’s Political Director David Chalian said. “Barack Obama also. This is just unconscionable to me.”


“[Clinton] no doubt has to be on the record about this as other leaders have to be,” CNN Political Analyst David Gregory added. “Because we’re living through a time where we’ve seen this kind of action before, and people do need to speak out against it.”

Weinstein is a major donor to the Democratic Party and previously donated to both Clinton and Obama in the past.

Clinton did not mention the allegations against Weinstein during a 90-minute speech Monday night. (RELATED: Hillary Didn’t Mention Weinstein Once During 90-Minute Speech)

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