NYT Editor Claims To Be Former Antifa Member, Brags About Anti-Trump Bias

A new undercover video shows New York Times audience strategy editor Nick Dudich bragging about his anti-Trump bias and his history as a former antifa member.

Conservative activist group Project Veritas released the video on Tuesday, showing Dudich joking about being objective, before saying: “No, I’m not. That’s why I’m here.” Dudich emphasized his influence within the Times newsroom, saying that his “imprint is on every video we do.”

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The editor also claimed to be a former antifa member who frequently assaulted alleged neo-Nazis. “Yeah, I used to be an antifa punk once upon a time,” Dudich says, referring to the militant far-left movement that has repeatedly attacked conservatives and Trump supporters.

Dudich also referred to the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., as Trump’s “dumb f*** of a son.”

Bizarrely, Dudich also claimed to be the godson of former FBI Director James Comey, although his family later denied that claim to Project Veritas.


The video is the latest in a Project Veritas campaign to reveal biased journalists at major media organizations.

The activist group previously targeted CNN with a series of undercover videos.