Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Is Down In Every State Since Inauguration

Jack Crowe | Political Reporter

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has declined in all 50 states since his inauguration, most decidedly in blue states, but also in the solidly red areas of the country that won him the White House, according to a Morning Consult poll released Tuesday.

The poll, which relied on online interviews from more than 470,000 Americans conducted between Trump’s January inauguration and Sept. 26, found that the president’s approval rating has declined substantially in states that turned out for him in November.

Notable states that voted for Trump but have since largely turned against the president include Tennessee (-23 percentage points), Mississippi (-21 points), Kentucky (-20 points), Kansas (-19 points) and Indiana (-17 points).

The rate of decline ranges from a high of 30 percent in blue Illinois to a low of 11 percent in Republican-controlled Alabama.

A majority of respondents in 25 states and the District of Columbia disapprove of Trump’s performance. The collection of states includes a number of midwestern swing states, which played a pivotal role in winning Trump the White House and may prove vulnerable to Democratic Senate challengers in 2018.

Trump managed to hold on to a majority approval rating in just 12 states, all of which he won in 2016. His approval rating remains highest in Wyoming at 60 percent, followed closely by West Virginia, where 59 percent of those polled approve of his performance.

While decline in Trump’s approval has been geographically pervasive, much of the net decline, which currently stands at 19 points, can be attributed to democrats and independents. Approval among democrats has declined by 25 points since January and it is down 18 points among independents. By comparison, the president’s approval rating has suffered a nine point decline among Republicans.

Following a dip in approval ratings concurrent with the racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Trump experienced a brief reprieve in September when he pivoted toward increased cooperation with Democratic leadership, spurring a bipartisan deal to extend the debt ceiling and government funding.

The widespread decline in Trump’s approval rating will likely increase already staunch congressional opposition to his agenda, as Republican lawmakers adjust the expected political cost of defying him.

“He wants to have clout, and to the extent that he is deemed to be a drag — an albatross — on Republicans running around the country, it just lessens his influence on the Hill,” nonpartisan political analyst and former Roll Call columnist Stuart Rothenberg told Morning Consult.

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