Family Reunites With ‘Miracle Dog’ After Wildfire Evacuation

Jena Greene | Reporter

Wildfires in Northern California continue to destroy homes and threaten lives, with more than 40 people dead already. The only thing that could possibly bring a bit of joy to the area is a dog.

Early one morning last week in Santa Rosa, the Widen family was forced to evacuate hastily as wildfires began to consume their neighborhood, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Their Bernese Mountain dog, Izzy, got loose as they were leaving, and the family didn’t have time to look for her.

So they left her behind with everything else. They knew their house would be gone forever and Izzy probably would be, too.

When they returned to assess the damage, they didn’t expect to find much remaining.

They surveyed everything and were surprised to find that — while most everything was ashes — some property remained. And Izzy had survived, too.

After a tearful reunion, the Widens took her to the vet and learned she was thirsty and tired but fine.

“Once we found her, we took her straight to a vet and had her completely checked out and aside from being covered with soot and ash, she was in perfect health. She’s a miracle dog. She survived cancer twice,” her owner explained.

Izzy’s a reminder that as long as you have your health and your dog, the rest is just details.

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