Screenwriter Puts Hollywood On Blast, Says ‘Everybody F**king Knew’ About Weinstein

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

At least one person in Hollywood is willing to admit what everyone else knew about Harvey Weinstein and he’s going after all the people who kept their mouths shut over the years just as he did.

Scott Rosenberg who worked with the disgraced Hollywood executive claimed that everyone knew about his behavior with women, but “everybody was just having to good a time” to slow it down, he wrote in a lengthy Facebook post that resembles a poem.

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Rosenberg was there for “The Golden Age” of the Weinstein’s rise during which his says the two brothers “anointed” him and made his career happen. The “Beautiful Girls” wrote that everyone involved with Weinstein knew what was happening, but they didn’t know the extent of it and the success was too good to risk it all.

“So, yeah, I was there. And let me tell you one thing. Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing: Everybody-f**king-knew,” Rosenberg claimed.

“Not that he was raping. No, that we never heard,” Rosenberg clarified. “But we were aware of a certain pattern of overly-aggressive behavior that was rather dreadful.”


Rosenberg then noted that some women “actually succumbed to his bulky charms,” and suggested that those few led him to continue his behavior. “But like I said: everybody-f**king-knew,” he said again before going after those who have condemned the Hollywood executive now that they’re safe.

“If Harvey’s behavior is the most reprehensible thing one can imagine, a not-so-distant second is the current flood of sanctimonious denial and condemnation that now crashes upon these shores of rectitude in gloppy tides of bullsh*t righteousness,” he wrote. “Because everybody-f**king-knew.”

“And do you know how I am sure this is true? Because I was there. And I saw you. And I talked about it with you,” Rosenberg went on.”You, the big producers; you, the big directors; you, the big agents; you, the big financiers. And you, the big rival studio chiefs; you, the big actors; you, the big actresses; you, the big models. You, the big journalists; you, the big screenwriters; you, the big rock stars; you, the big restaurateurs; you, the big politicians.”

“I saw you. All of you. God help me, I was there with you,” he wrote. “And for that, I am eternally sorry. To all of the women that had to suffer this… I am eternally sorry.”

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Rosenberg listed a number of women who came forward with allegations and apologized repeatedly for being “complicit” because “Harvey was nothing but wonderful to [him].” Then he demanded others apologize too, because he wasn’t the only one.

“With all these victims speaking up… To tell their tales. Shouldn’t those who witnessed it from the sidelines do the same? Instead of retreating to the cowardly, canopied confines of faux-outrage? Doesn’t being a bystander bring with it the responsibility of telling the truth, however personally disgraceful it may be?”

“You know that you knew. And do you know how I know that you knew? Because I was there with you,” Rosenberg concluded. “And because everybody-f**king-knew.”


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