DISGUSTING! Check Out What A Mosquito Bite Did To This Man’s Leg

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter
A mosquito bite caused an Indian man’s leg to swell up due to parasitic worms entering the wound, according to a report published Wednesday.
Chetan Pithandia, 53, a man from the city of Jamnagar, is seeking medical help after suffering from elephantitis, a disease inflicted by parasitic filarial worms mosquitoes carry. The man’s leg swelled up four times its size, reported the Daily Mail.
The leg bulge weighs approximately 55 pounds with huge folds and lumps that completely disfigure his leg. He discovered his leg getting larger four years ago.
Pithandia created a crowd-funding page on the site milaap to help raise money for medical treatment. The father-of-two also says that the disease can be fatal.
“It’s getting worse and worse, It is an intolerable disease where in patient’s condition can be improved only up to a certain extent. I have recently discovered a probable cure for the same at the Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD)in Kerala,” wrote Pithandis. The victim is currently traveling to a hospital in Mumbai, but the medicine his doctors prescribed is currently not helping.

Pithandia, a former garment worker, is unable to work due to his condition.

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