Popular Women’s Retailer Opens Fitting Rooms To All Genders After Social Media Outrage

Jena Greene | Reporter

Popular women’s clothing company Topshop has officially changed its policy regarding gender neutral changing rooms.

The uproar over the private changing space began after prominent transgender rights activist Travis Alabanza complained on Twitter.

Other transgender sympathizers got onboard. Twitter user “ImFragile” contributed his experience.

Alabanza even included examples of progressive changing rooms he deemed commendable.

Topshop quickly responded to Alabanza’s complaints by changing its fitting room policy, clarifying that the “fitting rooms are now available for all customers to use.”

I understand the danger of discrimination, but the argument that it’s “dangerous” to have separate changing rooms is ludicrous.

As a woman, I’ve been to plenty of changing rooms that are not gendered. The majority of them are free to use for anybody. The only thing that genders them is whoever’s behind the curtain at the time.

If Alabanza is arguing for free and open changing rooms where both genders can freely enter both, then I draw the line. In fact, after running the story, the Daily Mail ran a poll asking whether their readers would be comfortable using gender neutral fitting rooms. Ninety-one percent of respondents said they would not be happy to use a gender neutral changing room.

Especially when the person trying to use it is biologically male, as Travis is.

And especially when they sexualize 15-year-old girls, as he did for Halloween.

I don’t care what you wear, who you call yourself, or what size shoe you wear. Nobody’s voice should be heard louder than others when it comes to private spaces like fitting rooms. And when 91 percent of people feel uncomfortable, I’d say majority rules.

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