MSNBC Guest: Roy Moore Sounds Like ‘Steve Bannon’s Diary’ With ‘Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Immigrant’ Statements [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

MSNBC guest Jason Johnson stated Friday that Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore sounds like he’s reading “Steve Bannon’s diary” with all the “racist” and “homophobic” things he says.


Johnson, appearing on “MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle” said, “Look, Roy Moore’s statements are basically like Steve Bannon’s diary if you read it out loud. Like he’s just — every single racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant thing that you could ever come up with. I don’t necessarily think that the people of Alabama don’t like that and don’t want that.”

He continued, “And I agree, look, he may not have the margin of error, you know, that other Republicans have, but the margin was 18 years, you know, 40 years ago, people don’t have a problem with that. I don’t necessarily think — if this hit a week before the election, I think he could be done. I don’t think with 33 days where he’s going to have explanations, he’s going to have people defending him, if he’s necessarily going to lose the race.”

Roy Moore was accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls when he was a grown man in a bombshell Washington Post report Thursday. Moore has denied all allegations.

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