Biden’s Memoir: Hillary Was Unhappy About Running For President

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Excerpts from Joe Biden’s upcoming memoir, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” describe Hillary Clinton as miserable in 2015 at the prospect of running for president.

In an excerpt published on Delaware Online, he writes about a meeting with Clinton in February 2015. During the meeting, Clinton asked about whether he intended to run for the Democratic nomination or not.

Biden wrote that after some small talk, “She pretty much asked me straight up if I was going to jump in.”

The former vice president replied that he was “not in any position to make a decision now.” He had found out months earlier about his son Beau Biden’s brain cancer diagnosis, but did not share that with Clinton at the meeting.

Biden also wrote, “As I walked her to the front door on the way out, I was pretty sure Hillary hadn’t gotten all she had come for that morning.”

He continued, “I felt a little twinge of sadness for Hillary as I watched her walk down the steps that morning. She did not evince much joy at the prospect of running. I may have misread her entirely that morning, but she seemed to me like a person propelled by forces not entirely of her own making. And I had absolutely no doubt she understood how brutal the campaign would be for her. What she was about to do took real courage.”


In another revelation from the memoir excerpt, President Obama was apparently “not encouraging” to Biden about running for president. Biden writes that in January 2015, Obama did not think he could beat Clinton in the primary.

Biden is now beginning a book tour to promote the memoir. This comes as some in the media have speculated that he may have hopes for a 2020 run, something Biden has neither confirmed nor denied.

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