Joyetech Espion Is A Solid Device That Fits Well In The Hand

Joe Sylvester | Contributor

Joyetech sent us one of their new vaporizers on the market, the Espion. We used the device for two weeks and were pleasantly surprised with its performance.

This is a solid device that fits well in the hand. It has a good balance as it isn’t too heavy and clunky and doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. I even dropped it a couple of times and it held up very well.

The Espion boasts a 200-watt power output which can satisfy even the biggest cloud chasers. It can heat up to temperatures of 600 degrees. With its variable voltage controls, you can choose the best wattage per your coil and vape juice to suit your needs.

The Espion comes in three different colors and has a nice polished, professional feel to it. The packaging from the manufacturer has a James Bond-like silhouette on the front to further emphasize this.  You can even set the display on the device to show a clock and the date.

The tank is pretty standard with one exception; it is on a hinge, so you push and then pull to open it and refill. We actually liked this feature. With other tanks, you generally twist them to the side to open. Newer Smok tanks even have a locking button to open and close it which usually leaves vape juice on your fingers.

You can set the Espion into stealth mode so it doesn’t light up when you take a drag. That coupled with its sleek profile would make an excellent device for professionals.

The firing button is located on the side of the device at the top. It is flush with the rest of the profile of the mod. We’d like to see a firing button that is bigger, perhaps even taking up nearly the entire side, so you aren’t grappling with it in the dark to find the firing button.

At $53, the Espion is a good value. We had to look hard to find something that we didn’t like. The device is sleek and powerful and a perfect option for professionals that don’t want to be seen with a colorful 2 lb mod.

Joyetech ESPION Kit 200W with ProCore X Tank on sale for $52.90

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